How will my plant arrive?

Your plant will arrive in a 15 cm classic white pot (plastic material); with drainage holes and an attached saucer. They will also be kept safely inside our KT signature box with extra protection!

Do I have to repot my plants once it arrives?

No need. Our plants are already pre-potted in a suitable potting mix and ready to be displayed, which makes it perfect for new plant parents.

 What if my order arrived damage?

For every order we receive, our team will carefully inspect and handpick the plants in the best condition only. To top it off, the plants are thoroughly wrapped in honeycomb wrap and put in a box to ensure that it arrives healthily and safely to its destination. That said, every plant is fragile. Hence, we do not exclude the possibility of plants getting damaged in the delivery process. Kindly, check on the condition of your plant upon receiving it. In the unlikely event that either your plant or its pot arrived is damaged, please email us with pictures attached within 24-hour and we will replace it pronto!